New Location, Same Amazing Mission

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Myrtle Creek Shop & Save moves right next door

885 S Main Ave

Change can be an exciting and transformative experience, especially when it involves creating a better environment for shoppers and employees. We are thrilled that Sunrise Shop & Save, the beloved retail store in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, has relocated to a brand new space, offering its customers a clean and bright atmosphere. This move benefits the shopping experience and aligns with Sunrise’s employment mission, which focuses on empowering individuals with disabilities. Let’s delve into the details of this inspiring transformation and explore how the new retail environment at Sunrise Shop & Save positively impacts its employees.

Sunrise Shop & Save’s decision to relocate to a new location, right next door to their old location, was driven by their commitment to providing an enhanced experience for their valued customers. The new space boasts a modern and inviting ambiance, with wide aisles, ample lighting, and a thoughtfully arranged layout that makes shopping enjoyable. The clean and bright environment elevates the aesthetics and creates a sense of calm and comfort for shoppers and employees. It’s a place where customers can easily navigate and find everything they need.

One of the defining aspects of Sunrise Shop & Save is its unwavering dedication to creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and providing the support and training needed to enhance their skills, with a long-term goal of finding employment in the community. The move to the new location further emphasizes their commitment to this mission. By fostering an inclusive work environment, Sunrise aims to empower individuals who have partnered with us for employment and support and provide them with the necessary skills and experience to thrive in the retail industry.

The retail environment at Sunrise Shop & Save serves as an invaluable classroom for employees with disabilities. It offers a unique learning experience that goes beyond mere job tasks. Employees gain valuable life skills through their work, such as effective communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and customer service. These skills not only enhance their performance at work but also prepare them for success in their personal lives.

One of the primary goals of Sunrise Shop & Save’s employment mission is to foster independence and self-confidence in their employees. Providing a supportive and inclusive environment enables individuals with disabilities to develop a strong sense of self-worth and belief in their abilities. The retail setting allows them to interact with diverse customers, helping build social skills and boost their self-assurance. These experiences empower them to take on new challenges within and outside the workplace.

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