ORA Employee of the Year

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Travis Carroll received the Employee of the Year award from the Oregon Resource Association! This award is presented to a person who makes positive contributions to society through their work and exemplifies the positive impact work can have on quality of life.

Travis works as a Janitor on our Oregon Forward and other commercial janitorial contracts. He vacuums, cleans bathrooms, and takes out trash. He enjoys shopping and earns money to buy things he wants, such as games and books. He enjoys opportunities to increase his independence and was quick to add work hours to his schedule when given that option.

Travis is always on time to work and has an excellent attendance record. He works hard, is conscientious about doing a good job, and takes pride in his work. Travis is courteous with Sunrise’s janitorial customers when interacting with them on the job. He is an excellent employee and very deserving of this award.

If you asked each person with or without a diagnosed disability who works at Sunrise what it means to them, you would likely get totally different answers. To Travis Carrol, it means being seen, valued, and treated just like any other staff member. Out of every nominated employee in Oregon… Travis won! Travis attended the awards ceremony in Bend with his mother and grandparents to accept his $100 gift card and a beautiful plaque recognizing his hard work!

We are so proud of Travis and all the individuals working at Sunrise. This shows that ANYONE with or without a disability can find employment and inclusion if they are believed in and supported and made to believe in themselves. Sunrise believes in Travis and all the other individuals who we are lucky enough to provide job skills, a job, or just a place to come and see their friends.

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