Our Mission

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*Turn your volume up and get ready to believe in the Sunrise Mission!*

Terrance’s history at Sunrise:
“About 11 years ago, Terrance had a lot of energy with no focus. We had to find a workstation that fit his abilities. So, it took a couple of years in a structured environment until he became proficient in working on the chop line. After several years, he worked his way into an operator’s position running chop saws. For the past seven years, Terrance operated the chop line and learned to help teach and coach new employees on the chop line process. This past year we purchased a computerized optimizing chop saw. In the beginning, Terrance wasn’t comfortable and lacked the confidence to believe he would be able to operate it. During the first 6 months, his confidence and abilities grew. After one year of the machine being in service, Terrance is now a capable, confident, and proficient operator and a definite asset to Sunrise Wood Products mill.”
– Steve Perry, Wood Products Manager.

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