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Sunrise Enterprises Purchases Wheelchair-Accessible Van from Community Cancer Center to Enhance Opportunities for Douglas County Residents with Disabilities

(Douglas County, 5/10/2023) – Sunrise Enterprises, a leading provider of disability services in the community, announced today the purchase of a new wheelchair-accessible van from the Community Cancer Foundation. The new van, which features a wheelchair lift and other accessibility features, will enable individuals in Douglas County who use a wheelchair for mobility to attend community outings with our Day Support Activities group. The purchase of the van aligns with Sunrise Enterprises’ mission of enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities and promoting their independence and inclusion in the community.

“In the true spirit of working together, I would like to thank the Community Cancer Foundation and their Executive Director Tammy Turner for their generous offer to acquire their wheelchair-accessible van.” Said Jim Wilson, CEO of Sunrise Enterprises. “. “This van will enable us to provide safe and reliable transportation to individuals with disabilities, who often face significant barriers to mobility. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access community inclusion opportunities, and this van will help make that a reality for many individuals who are currently unable to attend Day Support Activities outings to Douglas County’s most beautiful venues, parks, etc. that our Sunrise team loves getting out and exploring!”

At a Roseburg Rotary Club meeting, Tammy Turner heard that Sunrise Enterprises was looking for a way to better support individuals with disabilities in our community that face barriers to traditional transportation. “Our transportation van has been utilized over the years with great success in transporting patients. What a great opportunity to allow another nonprofit to utilize the van to support its mission and fill a highly needed service to the Douglas County community.” Said Tammy Turner, Executive Director of the Community Cancer Center, whose mission is to assist, encourage, promote, and advance the best care, treatments, and rehabilitation of persons afflicted with cancer or related medical conditions.

Sunrise Enterprises is committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities, and purchasing this wheelchair-accessible van is a testament to that commitment. Based on the numbers reported from an impact survey Sunrise had community partners participate in, they are confident that they could provide services to at least 17 new individuals with additional transportation options. With this new addition to their fleet, they will be able to expand their services and make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities in Douglas County.

For more information about Sunrise Enterprises, visit their website at www.sunrisehelps.com

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