Darin with job coach and store owner


Darin Keeps People Successfully Caffeinated at 7-Eleven

Darin McPheeters has always loved people. When living in California, he worked in customer service at Mervyns for six years. Before that, he worked at Ross’. He thoroughly enjoyed his jobs. He loved all aspects of customer service.

Darin has a little studio apartment where he lives independently. He keeps it neat and tidy.

When the job developer sat down to discover what Darin’s skills and abilities were, she put keeping a tidy home and customer service together. The manager at the Winston 7-11 was willing to work with him and put together a task list of things Darin would excel at.

Quickly, he became a keystone to the morning business. When it was his day off, people would ask where Darin was. He did such an awesome job of keeping the coffee and beverage bar stocked and ready; and of course, he was the friendly face providing such great service.

When the management changed and there was uncertainty, Darin was the constant. After 7-Eleven was purchased by Nick Durvasha and Saherra Sharma, and the “dust settled,” they saw the value of Darin’s work.

Darin asked his job coach, Janine Maddox, to advocate to Nick for more hours. He was comfortable with his job and knew he could do more. Nick agreed, “If someone works out for us, we keep them and give them more time.”

Experiencing cerebral palsy, sometimes it can be difficult to understand Darin, however if you take the time, you’re rewarded with a great attitude, a caring, hard worker and a happy jokester.

“Before Nick and Saherra bought the store, I was only working two days a week. They gave me the opportunity to work more. I love my job,” Darin said with a huge grin.

Saherra said, “Darin is one of my favorites; employees and people. He’s awesome. He exceeds all our expectations and gets his job done.”

“His growth over the last two years has been amazing. It’s so incredible to watch,” says Janine. “He gets his work done with a great attitude.”

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